One of our best selling herbal infusions and the quality speaks for itself. We blend the tiny red and pink rose for premium fresh & natural aroma. Not only a pleasantly fragrance brew, rose infusion 

Has been enjoyed for both aesthetic and medicinal benefits. Traditionally rose infusion has been used to treat digestive problems i.e. Iranian medicine uses rose decoction as laxative. Much of the benefits could be attributed to its being rich in phytochemicals.


Aroma: Floral & slightly fruity 

Taste: Pleasantly clean taste with elegant finish


Enjoy the your cuppa with these following benefits


  • Gentle detox properties. Help with natural skin glowing

  • Help boost digestion which is a key to effective weight control

  • Vitamin C & aid in immune system

  • Help calm the mind & elevate the mood


Perfect for hot brew, cold brew, mix in cocktail & mocktail or many other teas such as white tea, green tea and black tea


Enjoy a warm cup and pair with any dessert or adding a slice of lemon to taste

Pure Rose Bud Tea Loose Leaves 1kg

  • Pink and Red Rose Bud