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Tea Pot

Tea Plants

The variety of tea comes from the asme tea plat called Camelia Sinensis - a shrub with bright green and shiny leaves that are often hairy on the underside. Their flowers are white and scented beautifully on either their own or in cluster of 2-4 blooms.

Tea plants have two major varietals being grown today, Camelia Sinensis Sinensis and Camelia Sinensis Assamica. Camelia Sinensis Sinensis is used to make, for example, Chinese Oolong and Japanese Green Tea while Camelia Sinensis Assamica is mostly used to make Assam (Indian) Tea.

At NICHA, we source our tea under our principles, 100% natural with no colour and fragrance. Assam Tea selection, known as black tea in Thailand, is naturally grown in Northern Thailand with a malty and chocolaty taste note. Oolong is flavoured with real flowers. 


Black Blossom Tea

Assam black tea infused with NICHA special rose blend - a combination of malty black tea and unique floral scent makes a provocative delight for the senses.

Black Mint Tea

Assam black tea infused with peppermint leaves creates a full-bodied note with ultimate minty experience. NICHA Black Mint Tea is perfect for pairing with savoury delicacies and all kind of desserts.

Royal Osmanthus Oolong

A lightly fermented oolong infused with osmanthus flowers. Light and mildly sweet with hint of peach lingering in every sip brings a royal-like treat to this exquisite cup. It is perfect for both hot and cold brew.

Jasmine Oolong

Chinese Green tea sprinkled with jasmine flower - the blend brews another exquisite cup with alluring aroma and sweet floral taste. It is also perfect for hot and cold brew. For NICHA, Jasmine Oolong is a simple happiness. 

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