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Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea


purity in a cup

'Purity is our pride. Quality is our priority'


When it comes to sourcing matters, we pay all attention to details to brew you a good moment.

Our first herbal tea collection debuts boasting on the flavour that is handed down from generations. The blends bring about delicate balance of sweet harmonious aroma and note that presents

'THAI TASTE' as much as wellness essense. 


A perfect cuppa for us is however

more than just a taste - a respect tributes

to the recipe as much as the land.


We source herb and flower from a trusted farm who keen on nourishing their soil with natural fertilisation as if it is produced for their own family. For example, ‘Sasi Farm’ in Vieng Pa Pao, Chiangrai, Thailand.

The farm is surrounded with mineral water ponds.

The owner has been using natural fertilisation 

for more than a decade. Every harvest is processed with utmost care from hand-picking to production facility to retain nutritions and freshness taste.

"No colour, fragrance, flavour is added."

**benefits of herbal & flower tea is not medically verified for the prevention or cure of Covid 19 virus**

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