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🍨 Granita Lemongrass Pandan

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

As a country of all year round summer like Thailand, we are always passionate about drinks and desserts to cool off the heat. Here at Nichatea, we are definitely fascinated with the idea of making granita to serve as afternoon refreshment or a lovely treats after the meals.

Granita is originated in Silicy. In Silicy, granita is a frozen fruit dessert made from fresh fruit and water, blended and frozen until icy, then flaked with a fork, then frozen again before they are ready to served. We love the brain freeze, light and crunchy...and yesss...melt-in-the-mouth texture. The combination is inspired us to localise and make it in our own version, with herbal infusion. Let's start with lemongrass pandan (siamese spa) granita.

The recipe is simple and easy, plus satisfying to be homemade healthy dessert for everyone in the family! In this recipe, we replace granulate sugar with coconut flower sugar because we love the fragrance and they are low in GI (Glycemic Index) with comes with vitamin & mineral too. Enjoy!


Lemongrass Pandan Infusion (Siamese Spa) 2 sachets Water 1 1/2 cup Coconut flower sugar 1-2 teaspoon (or erythritol sugar 1-2 teaspoon) Lemon or lime juice 3/4 cup Sliced lime or lemon for decoration 3-6 pieces Directions Step 1 :: Boil the water in the kettle or sauce pan and put in lemongrass pandan. They should be brewed for approximately 5-15 minutes Step 2 :: Put in coconut flower sugar and stir until they are all dissolved. Let it sit for half an hour or you can make an ice bath to increase the cooling speed. When they are cool down, put in lemon/lime juice Step 3 :: Pour them in the bowl that can be frozen for at least 30-60 minutes Step 4 :: When they become an ice, flake them with a fork, put them in the serving glass or cup then freeze again for another 30-60 minutes

Step 5 :: Serve with sliced lemon and/or rosemary leaves

Tips :: shouldn't pour in lemon or lime juice when the mixture is hot because it will be bitter Nicha Siamese Spa is lemongrass pandan infusion. It is inspired by Thai traditional spa as lemongrass is an aroma to bring relaxation and help recharge the energy. The infusion also helps in cooling down the body while aiding in a healthy digestion. They are perfect to be served hot and chilled. Nichatea is packed them in individual sachet for convenient and maximum freshness. . #nichatea #herbaltea #selfcare #wellbeing #relax #recharge #rethinkyourdrink #sourcedresponsible #nichatea #lemongrasstea #rosetea #floraltea #teatips . Source :: anitalianinmykitchen

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