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🥂 Cheat day well spent with Butterflypea Pandan Mocktail!

Updated: Aug 15, 2021

Are you on a diet? After all every efforts you have made, you deserve 1 cheat day in a week so your body is not too tensed and stress out without knowing. Let's chillax with a colorful, healthy and refreshing drinks with Butterfly Pea Pandan Mocktail

🌿🌿 Ingredients & Tools

2 sachets Nicha Butterflypea Pandan (Bluemoon)

2 kalamansi orange or any citrus fruit you like

118 ml Ginger Ale

30ml Water

Ice at the amount you like

1 Shaker

🌿🌿 Instruction

Step 1 :: Brew Nicha Butterflypea Pandan (Bluemoon) in hot boil water for approximately 10 min

Step 2 :: Pour in the ice, followed by kalamansi juice and butterflypea pandan then shake

Step 3 :: Strain the ice and pour into cocktail glass then top with Ginger Ale

Step 4 :: if you like, you can add any kind of syrup you like. don't forget that Ginger Ale is already sweeten, so you may want to taste before adding more sweet to the cup!

With the color and aroma, the drink itself already added some fun to your day. It is just perfect to make your day more meaningful for a refreshment after lunch or chill out after a long day.

🍀 Nicha Blue Moon is a herbal and flower blend from butterflypea and pandan. The aroma is sweet yet good for controling blood sugar level as well as cholesterol. It also helps boost an immune system, slow down aging and support brain cognitive health.

🍵 Nicha tea is all made from natural - no caffeine - not adding color nor fragrance. All the soil is fertilised with natural compound so you can always enjoy your cuppa

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