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8 Techniques to Enjoy Drinking More Water

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

8 Techniques to Enjoy Drinking More Water

Do you know that drinking water helps not only weight loss and aiding in skin moisture lock? You may notice some people who drink less water seem to be drained most of the time as well as dull and dry skin. Somehow drinking still water is a little boring so let's add some fun into it!

  1. Infuse water with herb and flower

  2. Invest in drinking water gadget like designer bottle to your style

  3. Observe water temperature that would allow you to drink more water

  4. Use an App! to remind you to drink more water

  5. Drink alkaline more than acetic water

  6. Drink water before meals

  7. Measure the amount of water you drink

  8. Set up water filter or get clean water delivered

Tips :: drink water little by little for the whole day, not consume a lot in one time allows body to adjust temperature and better blood circulation. It also results in detoxification, better brain function and feeling fresher

However, if you want to boost energy and stronger detox, let's try Nicha Summer Lemongrass Ginger Infusion. The are packed in separated foil bag for extra convenient and freshness.

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